Queens with Dreams
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About Queens with Dreams

“An inspiring group that supports each other and the community through friendship and philanthropy.”

What makes us different from other social organizations?

• There will not be a queen – we are ALL QUEENS and each of us will wear a crown!
• We are a philanthropy-based social organization, inclusive of all races and ages 21 and over.
• We have meetings the 3rd Tuesday of every month March through December and will have at least 3 social functions each year. There are also opportunities to volunteer and support local philanthropies.
• We will have two members serve as Emblems each year. One will be our Angel of Service and will be selected based on hours of service to the community within the year. The other will be our Angel of Community and will be nominated by the organization for making a difference. Emblems will be our mascots for the year and will wear angel wings to the Ball.
• We will help various charities throughout the year by collecting donations, volunteering, or raising awareness for their cause.

Will there be any mandatory obligations?

• The August and November meetings will be mandatory for all members. The first meeting of each year in March will be mandatory for returning members.
• The annual Ball will be mandatory.
• Any member unable to attend a mandatory meeting or the Ball must send a letter to the President requesting an excused absence prior to that meeting and/or the Ball.

How will members be grouped up, and what will we wear?

• Members will be placed into a new costume group each year by way of random draw. This will keep all groups the same size and will allow members to meet new members and network. Returning members are placed into groups at the March meeting and new members are added into these groups during their initiation so that all groups contain new and returning members.
• Members will wear a costume with a crown at the Ball. If wearing a costume is not your preference, there is the option to be a non-costuming member if so chosen during initiation. Non-costuming members will wear a floor length gown that matches their group at the Ball.
• During callouts, each group can be creative and choose their song, use props, dance, etc.

When and where will the Ball be held?

• Our Ball is currently held at the Grounds in January. Members will receive specifics regarding arrival time, rules, etc. prior to the Ball.
• Our callouts will consist of members only, so a callout date is not required.

Committed to making a difference in our community.